Online Network Marketing Tools #18

by Del Edwards

I spent today doing something that I eventually began to think was a huge waste of time. I spent a good portion of my day trying to fix a leaky faucet. What does a leaky faucet have to do with online network marketing? Keep reading and I’ll clue you in.

Now, I’ve talked about procrastination in an earlier post, but I have not successfully battled that demon in my life and today I thought it was beyond time to fix this leaky faucet that has been a problem far too long. What I SHOULD have done, was to call a plumber the moment I noticed the problem, but I didn’t do that. Instead, I decided to pull out my Black and Decker home improvement and repair reference manual and do a quick study in leaky faucet repair.  The result? The faucet continues to drip, but
I believe I have finally determined a way to stop the dripping, so tomorrow I’m heading out to the home improvement store to get the part (tool) that I need.

There is a lesson in this experience just for me and I’d like to share it with you. It’s true that I knew what the problem was. I knew that I had a leaky faucet, but my knowledge of how to fix the problem was limited. I wasted a lot of time trying to figure out a solution to the problem.  I eventually read enough to know exactly what needed to be done, but even though I knew what was wrong and I knew what had to be done, I was unable to complete the task of repairing the leak because, I lacked the proper tools required to get the job done. In my effort to save a few bucks, I ended up losing much more than I saved.

In online network marketing I’ve learned that although the circumstance may be very different, the principals remain the same. On my journey towards real freedom I have found many many problems that I have been able to “diagnose” on my own. I’ve spent excessive amounts of time trying to figure out exactly how to fix those “leaks”. All the time I spent was not exactly wasted, because I was learning a lot about my craft and becoming an expert, however, I failed to obtain many of the proper tools that I needed to create success in my business. I failed to realize just how important the tools of my trade are and in the process of trying to “do it my way” I ended up delaying my growth in this industry.

If you’re serious about your business, then make sure you know how to use the tools available to you. Don’t be afraid to invest in them. Become proficient in their use and trust me when I say that in the long run it’ll will be more than worth the investment.

Del Edwards

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