Online Network Marketing Time #19

by Del Edwards

This morning I had the privilege of listening to a phenomenal online network marketer by the name of Jaime Soriano speak to me about how managing my time can translate into a phenomenal year of online network marketing. Let me share with you what he shared with me.

First, Jaime said that while it’s great to set long term goals, we must realize that sometimes focusing on those large goals can become somewhat overwhelming. Instead of focusing on the large goals, we should break them down into small manageable bite sized goals so that we can consistently achieve success. In other words, if we can simply learn to manage ONE day and then practice managing our day over and over again, we will eventually end up with one phenomenal year. One managed day repeated seven times equals one successful week. One successful week repeated four times becomes a successful month. One successful month repeated twelve times turns into a phenomenal year. But it all starts with learning how to manage one day. Last night this was confirmed by another quote that I heard — “great men decide their habits, their habits decide their future”. So learning how to manage just 24 hours effectively can change our online network marketing business and change our lives.

Mastering time management is essential. We need to treat our business like a business and decide on “daily hours of operation”. If we make the decision to work ten hours per week on our business, then those 10 hours should be dedicated to actually working our business. We need to act as if we are “at work” during those hours that we set for ourselves and master methods of productivity. Several masters of time management suggest setting specific periods of time for work along with specific breaks between tasks. For example, we may create a list of things to do and decide that we will focus intently on each task for 25 minutes, taking five minute breaks between tasks. If we’ve determined that we have two hours of operation to work with, then the example would allow us to work on four tasks during that period of time. Not everyone feels that they can work well using this method, however, it’s important to at least try it for a few days and then, if it just doesn’t work, explore different methods to help increase productivity.

Jaime also recommends spending about 80% of allotted work time on personal prospecting, sponsoring and business growth. We can not create revenue if our business doesn’t grow, so spending “work” time actually working to grow our business is essential. Another 19% of the time can be spent working with our team. Jaime says that most people get this ratio backwards — they spend 20% of their time prospecting and growing their business and 80% of their time trying to help their team members. We need to look for self-motivated individuals to work with and lead by example.

Only about 1% of our work time should be spent trouble shooting and managing problems. If we are not careful to monitor how our time is spent we can easily become sidetracked and find ourselves spending hours counseling team members, “studying”, trouble shooting, etc. while our active business building falls by the wayside. Jaime recommends no time being spent on customer service during “work hours”.

Think about these recommendations and begin to create, if you haven’t already, a “to do” list and a daily method of operation. Tomorrow I’ll continue discussing Jaime’s four steps for creating success.

Del Edwards

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