Online Network Marketing Resolutions #17

by Del Edwards

Last week I had the privilege of listening to an awesome entrepreneur by the name of Rob Fore talk about ME… LOL… He asked the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” He really encouraged me to look deeply at myself and assess whether I am currently the person I always wanted to be and if not, why not? It was a tough question for me to answer, but what he said helped me to continue on my journey towards real freedom in this industry of online network marketing. I want to share what he shared with me.

When we look at the reasons why we are not as successful in online network marketing as we want to be, there are usually one or more of four reasons that hold us back. We might lack clarity of thought, harbor self doubt, have fear or we might simply be lazy. Let me expound on each reason briefly.

Clarity of thought is essential to our success. Rob said, “If you don’t know where you’re going, ANY road will take you there!” We have to be clear about our destination BEFORE we begin on the journey. So asking the question, “Where do I want to be 3-6-9-12 months from now?” is critical to mapping out the “trip”. It is absolutely impossible to achieve CERTAIN success without having a plan. Clarify WHERE you are going.

Self doubt is something else that holds us back. Wondering whether or not something is even possible can slow us down. Rob says that the easiest way to remove self doubt is to practice modeling. What does that mean, you ask? Well, sometimes when we chart a course out into the unknown we might wonder what’s going to happen. Will we make it? Will we survive? While those questions are valid, online network marketing is NOT “the unknown”. If we can find 10 people who are successfully doing what we want to do, we can establish that it absolutely CAN be done. The next thing we must do is find points of commonality among the successful 10. What practices, habits, etc. do all, or at least most, of these successful people share? Once we establish those common points or tasks, the question becomes a simple one — “Can I do those things with consistency just like they do?”. If the answers are, “Yes, it CAN be done” and “Yes, I CAN do that” then self doubt is removed. Simply model what the successful people do and you WILL become successful.

So many times we have fear about doing what is necessary. It’s important to understand that we’ve got to feel the fear and do it anyway. In the process of doing what we fear, the fear itself is diminished. Faith wins out on fear in the long run when it is coupled with work. Believe that fear CAN be overcome and TAKE ACTION. Excuses are useless and simply a manifestation of fear. So, when we have an excuse about why we’re not doing what we know we should be, we need to dig deep to find out what it is that we fear and then take action anyway.

Simple laziness is probably one of the biggest reasons people fail to succeed in online network marketing. We have got to treat our business like a business. Making the decision to watch TV or a movie when it’s really time to work is insane, but so many of us make that kind of choice. We waste time doing meaningless things, we lack consistency of effort and we fail to stick to a plan of action. We simply do not do what we know we should do when we know we should do it. We find something more “fun” to occupy our time. I’m not saying we should give up living for our business, but we SHOULD have a goal in mind, create and WRITE a plan of action, SCHEDULE time to get it done and then DO IT with deliberate, consistent and intentional effort. Laziness kills dreams. We need to plan our work and work our plan.

Online network marketing works if we make the effort to work it! The challenge for the next year is to practice EXCELLENCE WITHOUT EXCUSE. I dare you to do it……

Del Edwards

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