Online Network Marketing Rejection #15

by Del Edwards

Have you ever been bubbling over with excitement or happiness and just found yourself smiling jubilantly at complete strangers? Has your smile ever been so infectious that people just couldn’t help but smile right back at you? Have you ever smiled, just because you felt good, and not really worried about whether or not the people crossing your path smiled at you? And… have you ever lost your feeling of jubilation, and your smile, simply because that smile wasn’t returned?

We are social creatures and the exchanges, although unspoken, can impact us in profound ways without our even realizing it. We learn to protect ourselves from the pain of the smallest rejection and over time, if enough people don’t smile back, we somehow find ourselves no longer offering our smiles freely. We hesitate with our “gifts” fearing that they will be rejected — that WE will be rejected, and we develop a pattern of self-preservation that ultimately prevents us from being all that we can be.

I know you’re thinking, “I thought this was supposed to be about online network marketing…” Well, it is. In this industry, the most significant factor that prevents individuals from succeeding is the fear of rejection. Plain and simple. This industry is not a complex one. You establish a rapport with people and find out if what you have, a product or service, will meet their needs in some way and then you simply share it with them. Now, how difficult can that possibly be?

In online network marketing, rejection is a given. It is to be expected that a great majority of the people we introduce to our opportunity will say “NO”. Even THE BEST industry leaders who are at the very top of their organizations get more NO’s than YES’s when prospecting for their business. The fact is that most people who are involved in a network marketing business will give up and throw in the towel well before receiving 100 NO’s. And that is unfortunate, because in this business, he who get’s the most NO’s, WINS!

The key to winning in this industry is figuring out a viable way to handle all of the expected rejection effectively. Understanding that sifting through hundreds of NO’s in order to find 2 or 3 solid YES’s is the norm, helps with the necessary shift in mindset. Realizing that the quicker you get past the NO’s to find those YES’s, the better off you’ll be, also helps. Recognizing that all the NO’s are not personally directed forms of rejection is major. People reflexively use “NO” as an automatic protective response when they are uncertain about something or have pre-judged something in a negative way. The average Joe doesn’t understand this and walks away from a “NO”  feeling dejected and rejected, but most successful marketers understand that “NO” is where the conversation begins.

Today, I challenge you to find just FIVE new people to say “NO” to your opportunity. If you can do that today, you’ll find it will be just a little easier to do tomorrow. Remember that each NO brings you closer to your next YES so don’t be discouraged… it’s simply a part of the process of developing a solid network marketing business. It’s not personal.

To your success!!

Del Edwards

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Nyla Kostel November 23, 2011 at 12:01 pm

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Owen Knower December 22, 2011 at 8:28 pm

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