Online Network Marketing Journey #16

by Del Edwards

Well it’s been over a month since I posted and I feel bad about it. If you’ve been reading my posts you’ll notice that I spend a lot of time talking about persistence, consistency and intention while pursuing an online network marketing business. What you may not realize is that when I write these blogs to help you succeed in your business, I’m also writing them for my own benefit. In essence, I’m writing to myself — telling ME what to do. And in spite of all of the sound encouragement and information that I have given, despite the profound words of wisdom, the holiday season began and life got in the way of my consistency and all of my good intentions. But it did NOT interfere with my persistence. That is why I’m writing today. I will NOT give up.

When I look around at all the successful people in this business I see one common denominator. It doesn’t matter what method of marketing is being used. It doesn’t matter what product or service is being sold. It doesn’t even seem to matter what the initial start up costs for a particular service or product is. The one common denominator that becomes glaringly obvious to me as I observe the successful individuals in this business is this: THEY ALL CREATE A DAILY STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE (SOP) AND STICK TO IT!

The path toward real freedom in online network marketing is a journey. Nobody said the road would be easy. There will absolutely be some uneven pavement and perhaps even some dirt roads with gravel along the way. But the important thing to realize is that, for the people who have already achieved a great level of success, it didn’t “just happen”. They weren’t “just lucky”. They chose a path and traveled down a road that few dare to navigate and they stayed on course. Definitely, a high level of intention, discipline and action was implemented with consistency and what was the end result? SUCCESS! And more importantly, it means that it IS achievable by ANYONE willing to stay the course.

This past month, my blogs stalled. But while I was “down” I veered off course just a little to try some online network marketing using the article marketing approach. (You can check out my first ezine article ever by clicking here). This “bump” in the road has turned out to be a blessing on this journey. I’m learning so much and I am realizing that while I have a definite destination in mind, the journey is what will get me there.

In summary, the three thoughts I’d like to leave you with are these:

1) Create a daily standard operating procedure and stick with it.

2) The journey is really important. Focus on your destination, but if you veer off course, get right back on as soon as possible.

3) Winners never quit (and quitters never win). Never give up!

Del Edwards

ps… if you’d like to find out what I’m using to help me create an SOP, focus and stay on course, join me on Monday nights at 8 EST for a LIVE hangout by CLICKING HERE. Or watch a recording of the hangout any time by CLICKING HERE.



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