Online Network Marketing with Jaime Soriano #20

by Del Edwards

Yesterday, I talked about time management and I promised to summarize Jaime’s four steps for success in online network marketing, so here they are:

1) Know what you want. Every successful individual in this industry says the same thing. You need to have clearly defined goals. Simply saying “I want to be successful in 2012” is NOT enough. You need to figure out your specific WHY and then write it down and focus on it every single day. You need to create a clear mental picture of what you want. In my case, my family is scattered in different states and I place extreme value on the times that we are able to spend together. So my reason for doing what I’m doing, my WHY, is that I want desperately to be able to be near my family WHENEVER I want for as LONG as I want. I want to be in charge of my own time and I want to be able to spend my life with the people I love and not have to worry about finances. I want to be able to visit with my friends scattered in different states and countries whenever I want. Jaime said that people are motivated either by moving toward pleasure, or by moving away from pain. For this reason we will find that we may be just as motivated by what we DON’T want if we are able to clearly define those things. For me, I do NOT want to have to leave my family because I have to rush back to a J-O-B.

2) Determine what you’re willing to give up. I’ve talked about this before. If your WHY is not clearly defined, it will be difficult to give up things like TV, video games and hanging out on social networks in order to get serious about online network marketing. I didn’t initially make a conscious effort to give up TV, but when I got serious about making things happen in this online network marketing industry, TV went so far down on my list of priorities that I literally have not watched a single television program in MONTHS. I’ve had company come to visit and I’ve gone to visit family and while the TV was on, I was doing something else. I’m not saying that you can’t watch your favorite show or play your favorite video game, but there are only 24 hours in each day and if you’ve got a busy schedule like mine, something’s gotta give. What will it be? Jaime said, “You can’t steal 2nd with your foot on 1st”. You’ve got to let go of SOMETHING in order to give yourself the opportunity to really make things happen in your business.

3) Surround yourself with like minds. Become a part of a mastermind group. If you can’t find a group to fit into, create one and invite your team to join. There is power in community, and simple accountability helps to keep you moving when you sometimes find yourself wanting to quit. I belong to a small mastermind group, but simply having someone asking “what’s on your agenda for today” is powerful for me. It helps to keep me focused on my goal, helps me to recognize when I’m making excuses and provides me with the motivation to just keep putting one foot in front of the other as I take this journey. Plugging into the environment, Jaime says, is like plugging into a source of power. We are like cell phones; when we’re unplugged, we’ll work — for a while, but eventually we will run out of juice.

4) Have a specific plan and work it. Jaime says “work” is a four letter word, but it’s not a bad word. “Show me your schedule and I’ll show you your success or failure,” he says. We need to create a daily method of operation and work it consistently. If we simply focus on making ever day a great day then having a great year will be the inevitable outcome.

These four steps are not complicated. It’s simply a matter of making a decision and sticking with it. Remember, your decisions decide your destiny and the faster you make up your mind, the sooner you’ll reach your destination.

Del Edwards

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